The Nokia 8 Review

With the help of HMD Global, the chinese company that bought Nokia a while ago, Nokia phone came back from the dead - better than ever. Some models are preying on the nostalgia while others are simply a great value option. At the high end, you have the Nokia 7 (Plus), the Nokia 8 and 8 S (or Scirrocco). Well, I bought a Nokia 8 after my good old Moto Z died and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Here are my thoughts on it.

The Hardware On the hardware-level, we are looking at the typical flagship of 2017: Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM with 64GB of on-board storage or 6GB of RAM on the 128GB variant. That storage is expendable with a micro-SD card if you need. On top of that you have a 5.3" IPS LCD panel (the resolution is 1440x2560) protected by Gorilla-Glass 5. You also get stock Android with fast updates (the current version is Android 8.1.0 Oreo, with the April Security Update. In terms of cameras, we have 3 13MP shooters: 2 on the back, one on the front. The rear faci…

Motorola Moto Z one year later Review: The best modular phone for the nerds

The idea behind the Moto Z series of smartphones is not new. The most notable example of early concept I can think of is Google's "Project Ara" that was discontinued in 2015. LG also  attempted  to take on this idea with the G5 but the lack of modular accessories killed that phone quickly too.
Motorola seems, at least for now, to be the only company to get the concept right. The first generation of Moto Z devices prove just that. But this year the second generation came out with upgraded specs and not much else. The same modular accessories that worked with the first generation will work with the second. In fact, Motorola promised at least 3 years of new modular accessories (MotoMods they call them). So some people may want to embrace this ecosystem, but would rather spend less money on last years flagship as an entry... Should you do this too?

First things first: Raw specsBodyDimensions: 153.3x75.3x5.2mmWeight: 136gSIM: Dual SIM (nanoSIM), dual-standby or Single SIM (na…

What's in my bag? - Tech I use daily (November 2017)

Laptop Nothing changed in the laptop department as of now, however since I will be leaving to college in September, I will have to upgrade it to something more powerful.
This a 2016 Dell Inspiron 11 3164 (Intel Celeron N3060, 4 GB DDR3L 1600, 32 GB eMMC, Intel HD 400, Bali Blue version). This machine is able to handle all of my school work and some very very light games (Heroes of the Storm to be more precise, I have not tried anything else yet). I got it this Black Friday for 1099RON (that's our local currency, here are the converted values: 260USD, 245EUR), it did not get any price cuts but I really needed to swap that bulky Latitude E6420 for something that I can carry to school every day. You can read my full review of this device here.
Phone I think the biggest change is here. I used to own a Lumia 950 because I really enjoyed using Windows 10 Mobile and I found the fact that notifications would sync between the phone and desktop really useful.
However recent buggy builds an…