DiY: Building my own Stereo RIAA - Preamplifier (for turntables) for less than 35$

As I was cleaning up my room a couple of days ago, I found this old NAD 5120 turntable hidden between school stuff and papers. We already have one of those around the house that my father used to listen to from time to time. Looking around the web for ways to get my "new" turntable to output sound, I realized that these devices need something like a main amplifier before being connected to anything else. Turns out my father has one, but it's linked to his turntable and keeping mine right next to his wouldn't be very clever (I only used it to make sure my turntable works). That's why I set out on a quest to get a pre-amp for myself. From what I've read online, you can buy them or build them yourself. I'm not an audiophile, so I wouldn't need a 1000$ Sennheiser pre-amp... so I decided that I wanted to build my own.
Upon reading even further and looking at local electronics stores for parts, I came across this: a kit that has all necessary parts, except …

The Vector Watch Review: After all the fuzz

Watches have come a long way. The are not only a way to measure the passing time, but also (for some anyway) a symbol of status, a luxury accessory. In the late 19th century, when watches became readily available and popular, only the rich and the nobles could afford them. But as time passed, things changed. Everyone can afford a wristwatch. This means that watches evolved. Just like computing (and humanity) did. Both watches and computing moved from analog to digital (even if analog, mechanical watches are still very popular). During the 1980s, digital watches took the stage and gained the hearts of many teenagers. Until the 2010s, when primitive smartwatches began rolling out, nothing changed.
Every company selling smartwatches has a different vision. Apple and Google for instance want your watch to be able to replace your phone in more and more fields. Fitbit and Microsoft created the fitness band, a somewhat "dumber" watch with sporty persons in mind. Other companies, li…

Vector Watch froze up while updating firmware? Here's how to fix it!

Updating the firmware (or "kernel") of the Vector Watch should be an easy process. But it can sometimes fail... and when it does you will be left with a frozen watch, making you feel desperate, because you just spent a lot of money on a device that is not working properly. Fortunately there are ways to get past this. Just as you can solve any kind of problem if you are patient.

If you would like to read my full review of the Vector Watch, click here.

I've had this problem myself and spent quite a lot of time sending e-mails back and forth to the support staff of Vector and reading obscure forums (sorry, but that's the reality). I will share with you the information I gathered in a compact form. If you have other issues with your watch or if this does not help you, please don't hate on me... (for me it worked), but rather write an e-mail to the Vector support department:

So, let's begin. Your Vector Watch was performing the initial setup a…

A very late (original) Nintendo 3DS Review

I know, I know, I am late to the metaphoric party (so don't you dare mention that in the comments). As a matter of fact, I believe late reviews (especially the ones regarding gaming consoles) make a lot of sense: the platform has time to grow and evolve. Even so, many reviewers choose to ignore this and do not update their initial reviews as time goes by.
In this new "series" I came up with, I plan to tackle exactly that issue: I will (re-)review older successful hardware and see how it held up to the future.

In this particular article, I will be covering the original (old) Nintendo 3DS, released 6 years ago, in 2011.

Let's talk specs first. True to its Nintendo legacy, the 3DS was underpowered even by the standards of the time. This is a small spec-sheet:
CPU: Dual-Core ARM11 MPCORE @ 268MHz + Single-Core ARM9 @134MHzGPU: DMP Pica 200 @204MHzRAM: 128Mb FCRAM (32Mb reserved for the OS) + 6Mb VRAMStorage: 1Gb FlashDisplay: Upper: 3.53"  stereoscopic 3D-capable LCD …

The Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know and why you should care

It wasn't that long ago when rumors began to spread that Nintendo had a new console in the works. Months went by, the hype building up to unprecedented levels after the official reveal. Since then, we got a launch-date (March 3rd) and many are very excited about the upcoming console. But what is it? Why is everyone in the gaming and tech industry so excited about this new device?

The Hardware The Nintendo Switch is a gaming tablet, that can be docked in an included cradle to output video and sound to a TV... Basically a home-console that can also act as a handheld-console. In order to achieve this, Nintendo designed very special controllers (yeah, I spelled "controllers" right):
The Nintendo Switch comes with controllers collectively called Joy-Con, specifically the "Joy-Con L" and "Joy-Con R". The controllers can be used in four ways: attached to the Switch Console via the side rails, removed and used separately by a single player in each hand, att…

Hacking your PSP or installing custom firmware/ CFW and games (a complete guide)

Did you just get a PSP or simply discovered your old one covered in dust? You want to play some games on it but remember that you don't have any, nor can you find them with ease at your local electronics store? Fear not. In this guide I will show you how to install custom firmware (short: CFW) on your little console. This will allow you to install any game ISOs that you can download on the internet, from sites such as Emuparadise (link opens in new window). The method I am about to show you is the easiest one, however it is not permanent, meaning that if you remove the battery you will lose the "hack" (more on that shortly). Although installing CFW on your PSP is not exactly legal, this hack has existed for a long time and Sony was not able to do anything against it. As a consequence, this will not impair the functionality of the console in any way.
For this guide, I will be using my old PSP 3004. Let's get to it.

Things that you need before you start Modding or hac…

PSP Go: Console gaming… While being mobile?

Imagine the following scenario: The holiday season is approaching. Your boring parents insist that you come with them on that trip to your relatives, who live in a god-forsaken place, in the middle of nowhere, without any sort of wireless connectivity… You remember that they do have a few crappy old CRT TVs around the house, luckily the room you will have to stay in does have one. You can't take your PS3/ PS4/ Xbox. Your parents won't let you. Your laptop would be of no use, all the games you play require you to be online. Turning your iPhone in a mobile hotspot would not help much, the wireless signal in the area is too weak to even load your Instagram feed. You do not want… no, you can't spend a week without using your gadgets. Games are the only thing (aside from music and books, but you have those saved on your phone) that keep you entertained. So what do you do? There has to be a solution.
Fortunately, there is. Unfortunately, you may have to buy some things. It's …